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Equine Assisted Therapy

Equine assisted therapy is a unique means of mental health support that incorporates horses into your care. Amy is a qualified counsellor and our therapy horses are audited and monitored regularly for safety and to ensure they are suited to their roles.

Session prices are $155 and go for one hour.

Riding Therapy Sessions

Amy is also available for therapy sessions that are based on basic horsemanship, connection with your horse and identifying how riders mindset's can impact on a relationship with a horse. These sessions are best suited to people that have their own horses and are experiencing problems.

Riding therapy session prices are $140 per hour lesson.


Nature or Room Based Therapies

Nature or room based therapies are alternatives available here at Eckford Equine. Nature based therapy may be more suited to those who are not feeling comfortable about working with the horses or if the element of being outside is what draws you to this type of therapy. Room based therapy might feel like the right fit for you if you would prefer to be sheltered from the outside elements and explore our room based activities. 

Session prices are $140 per hour.

Riding Lessons

Due to many requests, riding lessons are now available!! Bring your horse or contact us to see if we have one suitable for your riding level and learn the tools to take your riding ability to the next level. One-on-one hour long lessons that work on seat, balance, timing and feel. Riding lessons start at $75.

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